Sunday Roundup 28/03/2016

Yes, I know it’s not Sunday but I’m a Brit and this has been a long Bank Holiday weekend so I sort of forgot. My bad.

This weekend I have mostly been playing Amnesia Memories on the Vita. It’s one of the most well known of the otome game series and I see a lot of people recommending it as a good first otome game for newcomers but I think I have to disagree. This weekend I made it to the good endings for both Shin and Ikki and I’ve just started Toma because a) I want to play Ukyo at some point and b) I’m betting Ken (Kent? The game’s a bit inconsistent) will be a bundle of joy after Toma. It can’t be worse. It can’t be worse?

The problem with Amnesia is that, while it is a decent game and a solid example of the genre, I think there’s a lot to the stories to put unsuspecting people off. Romance is subjective but I don’t know very many people who swoon when being asked to fall in love with a character who tries to kill them in one route and locks them in a cage for another. If you’re familiar enough with the genre – or the occasionally bonkers nature of anime – I think you’ll probably be fine and the stories are definitely interesting – but a first game?

If you want to introduce someone to this type of game go for Sweet Fuse (PSP game available as digital download on PSN) or Code Realize (physical copies available in the US or available digitally on EU and NA PSN stores). Both of these games do still have occasional dark themes or sad moments but not quite on the same level as Amnesia.

After all that I’m torn, I feel a bit burnt out on visual novels and yet desperately want to play more. The stories can be emotionally draining but also so addicting. I don’t know if I’ll push on with Toma’s route just yet, the week ahead is going to be stressful enough so I might try and find something softer to wrap myself up in. I will be very surprised if I come out loving any of those characters more than Ikki though, he feels like the male embodiment of “I’m not bad, I’m just drawn that way”.


Links I want to share this week:

Dirili’s Youtube – A lovely lady who gives English language voiceover to untranslated otome games. An incredible amount of time, money, and effort must go in to this so please check out her Patreon if you find yourself enjoying them.

7th Dragon III Code: VFD – The official site for an interesting dungeon fighting/time travelling game not yet announced for Europe (though NA will be getting it later this year). Give it a look and I hope my EU brethren will join me in calling for it to come to our shores. (Some of us have not forsaken you).

Trillion: God of Destruction – Is out April 1st in the UK (at least), if you like the style and humour of Disgaea but don’t mind a slight change in approach to strategy gameplay please give this a go.

Lastly if you are in the EU and looking for a copy of the Fire Emblem Fates Special Edition you might want to take a gander at this Reddit thread. It updates fairly regularly and covers a variety of EU countries, as well as giving information about which stores can ship to other countries and which are already sold out. I have everything crossed that the UK copies go up for pre-order soon, but when they do I think this thread will be one of the first places to know.

Thanks for reading and I’ll see you later in the week.


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