This is Control Your Ladyfriend, a website for my thoughts – mostly on video games but it’s probable some other things might slip in too.

The genres I play most are RPGs, JRPGs, strategy, simulation, and Otome games. I have very little shame about what I play and a lot of interest in discussing and picking them apart (even/especially the ones I love).

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    • Yes! Admittedly I only came to the series with Awakening (and it’s still my favourite) but I’ve put stupid hours into Birthright and Conquest, and gone back and played a little of Shadow Dragon. Above all I’m so glad the series has been given a second chance at life 🙂

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      • Haha don’t feel bad! I was the same way with FE and Chrom was super hot so 😉
        Haha omg Fates has destroyed us both! I’ve not played Shadow Dragon yet bc of how dang expensive it is 😦
        Same! I just hope it doesn’t become an all out Waifu Emblem later on.


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