Atlus & Deep Silver – What Does This Mean for Europe?

NB: For now when I say “Europe” I am still including the UK in that group, largely because it’s shorter and easier but also because writing this note took more thought than has currently been put into the plan for leaving, so I can’t begin to guess what’s going to happen. Aussies you’re also included because Europe means PAL and PAL is what currently runs on Australian region-locked consoles. Sorry.

Earlier today an announcement was made that Atlus – bought by Sega of America earlier this year – has now also formed a partnership with publisher Deep Silver, who will be handling all European Atlus game releases henceforth.

For the last few years, Atlus’s European offerings have been released through NIS America, through their sub-section NISA Europe. In case the name Atlus doesn’t immediately bring anything to mind, they’re the developers behind the increasingly popular Persona and Shin Megami Tensei series, the Etrian Odyssey games, and newer properties such as Stella Glow. If you have a taste for Japanese RPGs then there’s probably at least one Atlus game in your collection. They are currently building up towards one of the most highly anticipated releases in their history – Persona 5 – which made it all the more concerning when word broke that Atlus and NIS America were ending their contract together to publish games in Europe.

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