We Need to Talk About MCM Comic Con

Yes, I have noticed that we’re a good couple of weeks into June now and most people did their MCM write-ups a while ago, but I’ve been turning my thoughts on this year’s convention over in my head and trying to decide if I should write anything at all. If you want to know what stands were there, see some excellent cosplay, this is not the place. We need to talk about MCM Comic Con – honestly.

I went to MCM for the first time when I was sixteen – a good eleven years ago. Back then manga was limited to what you could find in Waterstones or Borders, and anime to overly expensive dvds with only two to three episodes. MCM was like Narnia, a magical land of everything I could have ever wanted – and no judgement.

Eleven years on and the show has become a Behemoth. While still in the same location each year has seen it spread out more and more, taking up additional wings of the Excel Centre as it now includes a wide variety of different interest groups. The number of visitors is incredible, with tickets often selling out completely for the most popular days.

But the actual show is a mess.

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