Last Night I Played Stellaris

I told myself I wouldn’t. I wasn’t supposed to be spending much money this month (ha!) as I’m going to the London Comic Con at the end of it. I wouldn’t. I wasn’t.

I did.

About two hours before launch.

It’s been a rough month and I really like space.

So, initial impressions: the game is definitely grand strategy. If you don’t like watching numbers go up and down it’s possibly not for you. It’s a bit difficult to get to grips with, and that was with the tutorial helper on (which I recommend if you need it, it’s not too egregious). But it does actually do a decent job of easing you in to the concepts. Once you’ve done all the fun society/species designing stuff it starts out teaching you basics a step at a time and the majority of it ends up in your situation log (sort of a journal) so you can look at it repeatedly if you get lost. There is also an in-game link to the wiki for more help, though I would have appreciated a list of basic controls somewhere too.

And then Stellaris just sort of happens. Continue reading