One Year in Eorzea

Nana Hakuuchi 04/09/2015 21:29:00

Day 1 (with Puppy)

I’ve always had an interest in MMOs. If you follow this blog you’ve probably already noticed that I like subjects I can dig into, where there’s plenty to discuss and pick apart and there are plenty of psychological and sociological issues to digest – but for all of that I’ve never gotten into one. For one thing most of the big MMOs have terrible community reputations, for another it’s only in recent years that I’ve had technology (and internet) just about capable of running one.

I tried Final Fantasy XI for a couple of months back in the day, and while I was initially enthusiastic it wasn’t very good at introducing you to itself. I would find myself for days on end running back and forth through the same mines trying to level up, while having no quests to work towards and no idea if there was anywhere else nearby I should be trying to get to. Back then there were fewer resources for help online – it might even have been before the creation of Reddit and Youtube – so without a means to get help I gave up and put it aside.

But every now and then I found myself looking up MMOs, trying to find out if one had been made in the years since that might be a better fit. Last September I was asking this question again and every time people gave me the answer of Final Fantasy XIV. I’ve gone off the Final Fantasy franchise in the last few years (everything post XII has been a bit pants IMHO) but I figured I could still find some affection for moogles and chocobos so maybe I could make it work.

Sunday marked my first year of adventuring in Eorzea. There’ve been some gaps due to real life, and that depression thing that hangs around, but I love it. I’m in love with it. I love the world, the story, the Jobs, the crafting, the NPCs, and so much of the community around this game.

So here’s a shameless screenshot-heavy post to celebrate my first year in FFXIV – and thank you to all who have made it such a wonderful experience.

Nana Hakuuchi 06/09/2015 17:57:23

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